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Why MR.Y ?

We are a manufacturing company of HHO Carbon cleaning. The Carbon cleaning process is a UK based invention, now widely used around the world. Purchasing such an expensive machine for a business is heavily risky, our company is providing a very good oppurtunity by giving franchise process, by which you can reduce the risk.

HOW Mr.Y POH Carbon Cleaning Works

This s imple and sale cerbon cleaning procese We use pure argen and hydrogen technology That is nothing but mora percentage of oxygen and hydrogen than what there in the atmosphere. Combustion in al cars ie incompete This is aggravated due to poor quality fuel. bad road, dung habit clogged tame plug, dogged injectors etc Incomplete combustion course corban depoct Depoot on peton, valves. heed inector tip The causes further complete combustion. Thus the performance roducerarting with reduced power, miaage, black smoka noise vibration reduced Importance etc.


Our machine produces pure cygen and hydrogen gas set according to the c of the ick Thie gao is suckad in by the iding car through ar inlet Thie proces gose on for 20 to 30 minutos depending on the kilometers clocked. During this proceas aygen in precence of hydrogen breeks the carton end is erected as carbon dioxide (also water veporn case of potrol care through the stout pipa.

Thus improving the combustion c acitate completa combustion which improves the misage power. smoothness engne ite. Alco reduces noise ubration emocion end bleck emoke Our service is 100 cele for the environment and much deener than the competition which use harsh chemicals.

Advantages of Carbon Cleaning:

Removec carbon deposits from all types of engineFestores engine.

Pertormance and fuci conaurmption back to normal Preverta wear of expensive engine parta like: EGR Valve. DPF Spark Plugs Vehee injectors and more Face remizant accretion cutout end engine noce.

Reduce hot tumen Increase engine lifespan.

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